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logo design tips by will.i.am (!?!)....there's a problem


Staff member
if it isn't powerful.... it's rubbish
if it isn't powerful.... it's rubbish
if it isn't powerful.... it's rubbish
if it isn't powerful.... it's rubbish
if it can't transform....it's rubbish
you've got a problem.... because it's rubbish

brands don't matter any more.... really.... tell that to Apple, oh wait their logo is rubbish because it doesn't transform to other things....

logo design is all about symbolism and how it relates to India.... wait....what....India..... because they speak English (ignores Hindi...) and have a different alphabet to English one....then he basically describes iconography....

Man I am so glad that I learnt how to design a logo from will.i.am....
Meh. I can see where he is coming from a technical point of view, and agree with his points, but really, its all too subjective to make rules like this.
The man is an underground spaz kettle babbling reams and reams of profound b.s. that he picks up from cheap fortune cookies his gran gives him.

Don't get me started on his 'music'......

Sean Lee-Amies

I couldn't get past his stupid hair cut to be honest, which I noticed every time he said "there's a problem"...
Underground spaz kettle, I couldn't agree more! He sounds like he's just taken something illegal.. It looks like he's just reading from cards or something...


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...why does it look like he's reading from a screen and failing?
If you didn't learn to design properly and you autotune your voice more than you sleep, then I'm not going to take logo design advice from you.

I guess we are doing away with "brand" thanks to Wil.I.Am?