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Logo Design Portfolio


Senior Member
Yip dude, nice stuff there

and this...

steveconnely said:
You have a good site to browse through. Well could you suggest me a site that give me free tool to design my logo of my own choice.
you are a designer, use illustrator and photoshop!
analogmonkey said:
Nice clean looking site but the slideshow seems to focus on the stock imagery rather than what you've designed for them.
Yeah I would agree with this.

I think the site looks very nice and clean, the logos themselves look good but there's too much emphasis on stock photography as opposed to the work itself.

As mentioned, in the slideshow the image is big and the logo is tiny, even I didn't notice the small logos were the work until I focused, and that was with knowing what I was going to look for.

The work is good though, as I say.