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Logo design needed

Hi All,

This is my first post so be gentle:)

I am looking for someone to design a logo for my detailing business I set up. Car Detailing Wiltshire | Cheltenham Detailer | Detailing Oxford | Paint Correction London | Detailing Gloucester | Somerset Detailer | Bristol Detailing | Southampton Detailer | Detailing Bournemouth | Marlborough Detailer

Looking for something in the colours -red/black/silver/white....to be used on my website, business cards and work van. Was thinking of something like a outline of a porsche, lambo to start with.

Am willing to pay but have no clue what to offer so anyone interested PM me.


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Hi Jay,

Welcome to Design Forums, there's a lot of talented logo designers on the forums so I'm sure you can find someone suitable. I know you mentioned you don't know what to offer, but if you have any idea on a budget that you can afford that usually helps to create more interest, as a guide, based on what you've mentioned I would expect to quote around £200, but it obviously varies depending on individual designer, experience, etc.



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Add a Nought on the end of that and I'll consider it....

Seriously though, there are lot of good guys/gals on here that can do a good job for you £150-£200 mark. Good luck, keep us posted if you agree terms with someone.