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LOGO design! good?bad or down right fugly?


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Hi All

I been doing a logo design for a local DJ, I came up with this logo for them see attached. I am at that stage where I am contemplating on doing a completly new idea or to stick with this one some help please.

Thanks very much





really don't like the gradient.. looks a bit dated.. I would stick with a solid colour maybe 2 colours at the most.. As Berry will no doubt say: Keep It Simple Stupid :)
Try and work it black and white first. I would strip back the icon to something a bit clearer maybe...

I can't really make out what it says, so making the typography a little clearer would also help. Maybe post up some other sketches you've done and we can get some direction from them.


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Thanks All, the gradient was hit and miss. I very wary of gradient, used right they look great, used badly and yep they look dated. I am going to review the typography and the layout, strip it back and keep it simple. Will post further ideas up soon


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I think that the design is moving in the right direction in terms of clarity but the grey is a little dull and it looks like it says twin2


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Keep it Simple. The last version is really getting there, but I think it will much more impact in black and white

try keeping the type on the bottom really plain with no colour just the letter j & 2 in say a mid grey.
That will give prominence to the graphic above. and then you have 2 clear parts to the brand ides, the brand graphic and the brand namestyle. ( at the minutes it all mushed together)


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Hello. Here are a few of my thoughts. I find it clearer to get feedback in bullets, so here I go:

- 'DJ Entertainment' font does not compliment 'jTwinz'. I would look to use a simpler sans-serif font and put it in the pink/purple.

- jTwinz text needs to be visually lighter. This could be either in a reduction of size (perhaps to the same width as icon) or change it to a lighter weight of the font. Either way more distinction between the two is needed.

- The icon and text also needs more breathing space between them, looks awkward at the moment.

- You might want to look at the shape of the headphones again, as the round curves of the ear pieces don't gel with the icon very well. It's also slightly off-centre.

Good progress from the first one though, much improved! :)
Hi everyone,

I have tweaked it and thought I would show you guys first

I am really undersatnding the benefits of the forum now as it is difficult to get a creative group together for a critique so thank you all for taking the time to comment.

Let me know what you think