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Logo Design Critique

Here is a logo I am in the process of designing for a Craft buisness. They make little bracelets and do knitting.
The name of the company is KL Boutique Craft. The heart represents the love put into each piece, because everything is had made with a trail of diamonds representing the quality.

Would love any input




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I don't think logo works at at all, there's too much going on. I saw KBL to start with, and I didn't know it was a heart
until I read it. Remember - K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, S.....!
Cheers Wardy, yeah I did feel like I was making it too complicated, even if it was just the heart I would of been asking too much of the "L". YEah I noticed KBL to when I had seen it bigger, oh well live and learn. Doing some changes to it at the moment.
Thanks Karel, I would assume you are talking about the "BOUTIQUE CRAFT" font because I havent put any thought into that, just a placeholder pretty much