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Logo Design Critique

Just been playing around with ideas, saw a store that looked like in needed a complete upgrade in terms of branding and decided to create them a logo. I went through a number of designs but this is the one I thought looked the best

Store Name: Glasgow Supplements
What do they sell?: Protein Powders, Strength building supplements
Reasons for the Logo:
I wanted to create a sense of power, which is represented by the Lighting strike which is also the letter S
I wanted to create a sense of speed which is represented by the sharp acute angles

Thoughts and Criticism welcome!


Not a bad start. Not sure about the strength of the colour used for the S & Supplements. I noticed you'd tidied up parts of the G, so being a bit pedantic…why keep
the little vertical on far right of S? all other edges are pointed…..assuming the far left point on the S is a slight error?? As a re-branding exercise it would be really good
to see how you would implement this across packaging, retail environment, press etc. that's when you can have some fun & develop other brand assets.


Well-Known Member
Those colours need changing, as you can see from the thumbnail above.

It's not really a lightning strike as it doesn't end in a point anywhere. The G is a bit ugly, and there's
a few weights and spacing issues going on for me, and it's far too big in relation to the name. Get out
a pencil and paper and work on it a bit to simplify it.
Yeah definately understand you with the colours. Yeah will give it a go!

bonsdes, yeah the issue on the S is a slight error, yeah thats the next step once I refine the logo a bit more