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Logo Design and Stationery



I like the stationery but the RP logo doesn't look that unique to me but the circle brings the uniqueness as most of the logos are plain with just the RP (I hope you understand what I mean lol)

and to add, the P looks too light to me..


Staff member
you do realise the logo's are reversed colours?

It's ok the logo is a bit too familiar maybe but if the client liked it. Personally I think the with compliments could have done with a little more padding on the text and logo in the blue but like I said if the client liked it.


Senior Member
I like the idea, I think it looks better on the stationary, rather than a stand alone piece.

I also saw PR rather than RP, does that make a difference?


Senior Member
thanks levi, i would say youve won a prize for spotting the difference, but sadly you havent, i just uploaded an old file. ive just changed it now.

mrp: i agree it does look better on the stationary, for this particular client that was that main reason he needed a logo, it wont be often that you would ever see the logo by itself, so it was designed with the stationary in mind. and the fact you see pr is interesting, maybe now Ive uploaded the correct file it will give you the opposite effect!

mo: thanks for your comments, i appreciate it


Senior Member
thanks for the comments guys, even if they are a reference to mo's ironic statements. ive just posted another logo/stationary set on my blog, things are a bit quiet in work so im updating the blog while i can. the images are attached.