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Logo Crit?

Hi Sam,

To me the font doesn't particularly go with the rest of the design. The font is quite curvy where as the design is very sharp. I also think that with the current layout it looks like an angry face with a big nose, which does put some humour to the logo if you see it like that but that's probably just me being weird.

On another note, personally I don't think the tie really represents the idea of "rock star". If the tie is necessary may I suggest it be thinner, a bulky tie to me conveys a more up-market style.
Thanks Ben,

I understand your point. Basically the idea behind the tie is the agent part and i know the star appears to have little relevance to 'rockstar' but it is based on the famous 'Rockstar' gaming company.

Its far from finished yet anyway:)

Thanks for you thoughts:)

loosen things up a little be more creative with the idea of 'rockstar', associate keywords, feelings, ideology, beliefs not necessarily a 'star' try to think outside of the box.

I second ContraStar Designs on the angry face and big nose it is rather noticeable, great attempt though keep up the development.
I know it's hard sometimes when you are branding something similar to a well known brand but the best thing you can do is try and stay clear of creating a logo with similarities. A logo should be original and unique to a company, take jamie's advice and with it produce a few different ideas with the different ideologies of the phrase "rock star" but a good start none the less
I think the balance of graphic to type size is wrong, this will suffer abit when used at small sizes unfortunately.

I can see where you're coming from with the tie idea and the star but its not working for me.

Maybe (and this is right off the top of my head) it could be a simply drawn character in a suit holding up the rock 'horns' symbol gesture. hmmm actually scrap that idea :D