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Logo concept


Senior Member

It was meant to function as favicon, avatar, watermark and all the other small, semi-important stuff. But it's unrecognizable as a favicon. The top and bottom design is slightly different (N, T and O). Which do you like most?


Senior Member
liking the arty-fartyness.

but if you weren't you, just a random guy, would you recognise what the text said? because i wouldn't, TBH.
I agree with tim-ater. I didn't pay attention to your name at first and was trying to figure out what in the heck this was supposed to mean. Then I saw your name as onartis and it made sense. Otherwise it just looks like text laid out in a fancy way.

If I were to pick one, it would be the 2nd one...but I would try and make the text make more sense to the regular viewer.


Senior Member
Hmm... I suppose it might take me a minute to figure it out if I didn't know any better. My friends all recognized it but that's probably the point, they know my name. Good that you guys pointed that out to me ;)


Senior Member
Yea ^^ what he said.

Also - I think this would work much better if there was no grad on the circle.

Maybe try a fatter font - but make sure its easier to read. And bring that O in!