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Logo cliparts

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me where you can get images from for logo design. e.g. single colour images. If for example you had to design a pet related logo, would you design an animal graphic from scratch or use a stock image?



I think any decent graphic designer would create it themselves. That's what they're paid for, surely? Unless you're doing it for free or for very little money then that would be the difference between a decent graphic designer that gets paid well and one that doesn't, in my opinion.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Most people on here I assume would design it from scratch, this being a forum graphic designers :)

Sometimes I may have an unused concept from an older project that I could adapt, but most of the time I'll be creating something unique from scratch.

Look at other stuff for inspiration, but a logo should be the final outcome from a a great deal of research into the business you're creating it for (their target audience, industry, history, competitors, etc).
I would steer way clear of clip art images and buy a graphics tablet. Personally I hate clip art images they have a feel of unprofessional and not to mention they look cheap, if you buy a graphics tablet there's so much more you can do or even just buy a scanner and scan your drawings in.
I use clipart as a base on free jobs quite a bit (yeah, thats what you get when your church finds out you know how to design).
I usually heavily edit them, downplay them, turn them into vector art, etc.

My method of finding clipart, Google: "_____ clipart" haha

Attached is an example, the horse and cowboy was pretty static clipart, but Illustrator's livetrace as a "hand drawn sketch" added a nice life to it, in my opinion anyways.
(This project was done for a projector to be shown in a theater).

After this, I told them it was my last freebie, and to call me when they were willing to pay. :p

Edit: Very American, no? hahaha


Clip art style logos for me are a big no no, creating it from scratch would definitely be the 1st thing in my mind. If you use clip art in your logo designs there's a good chance other designers used it too and then that leads to the logo not being unique, creating from scratch is the way forward.