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Logo and Banner Needed!

Hello, my name is Connor, I'm looking for a professional graphic designer to create me a Logo and Banner for my company. The Logo will go on the website, invoices and newsletters, the Banner will just be for the website.

The design spec i want is here:
Taking the chaos out of hosting. H and C over lapping and laptop next to Host and Chaos above taking the chaos out of hosting with the letters H and C on them the same colour as the H and C from Host and Chaos"

If you or some you know can help me, please email me on here or contact me via my company at www.HostChaos.com, Payment can be made if required.


Wow that's a very.. specific design brief. I think that's enough to make me lose interest in the job, even if I were to require payment.

You should consider that creative design professionals are more likely to come up with something that's going to work with your businesses image than you are, as that's what they do for a living.

That would be like me asking for hosting but saying, I'm only going to use you if you can provide me with a hosting plan that gives me exactly 7 email addresses, 245GB of storage space, doesn't offer support and charges exactly £14.62 for a new domain name, regardless of extension. Payment can be made if required, but if you can't do that I'll go elsewhere.