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Logo Advice


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I am in the process of creating a logo for a SEO blog for professional SEO consultants to share knowledge with each other as well as people who are interested in Search engine optimisation. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.



New Member
Hi Jordan,

My initial thoughts are the following:

Type is too big, I'd reduce it and mabye lighten the tone of it. Could we see a few variations in typeface?
The book/tick shape looks squashed to my eyes, and the right page visually looks bigger.
I'd also move the type down a tad to create some breathing space, too close to the icon imo.

I would see how that looks and take it from there. Colour choices look good to me :) Hope some of that is of help.



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It's a fairly unremarkable abstract mark which is fine. I would have seo and pedia in different tones.


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Thanks for the feedback guys, the whole idea behind the concept was seopedia is a website full of knowledge and shared information. this was my thought behind the book shape . The reason why the right page is longer than the other was to turn the book into a tick to show a good/trusted source of information. sepoedia will be a place where seo consultants can share their thoughts and ideas with like minded people and people who want to learn about search engine optimisation.

I chose a serif typeface to show authority and are generally used in books because they are better to read when printed than sans serif, so keeping in with the whole knowledge and books theme..

I have played with variation and ideas firstly on paper then rendered on computer to see what looked ok. I will have a go with your ideas too thanks.


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Change the font to sans serif. Serif font don't give impression of SEO business.
Blue version looks fine. Colors of the book shape in green and orange versions are to "close" to each other, almost the same. So, make it look obviously different as in blue version, or make it look exactly the same.


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Hi Luke, which typeface would you use to portray an SEO business?

I have used a number of different fonts with various results and a serif style font seemed to fit the idea behind the concept of this design, but if you have an idea in mind I am all ears(eyes) :)

I don't want to bastardise the text in this design, I want it to be as simple as possible..


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You can try with some font from Helvetica or Humanist family. It's both readable, they keep the impression of professionalism and authority and they have much modern feel than serif fonts.
And also you can try to combine regular/bold typo. For example "seopedia". Regular/bold combo is maybe overused in last few years but it still have great impact on audience.

Of course this is only my opinion, it does not mean that i am right.