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Locations Maps for Brochure


Junior Member
Hi everyone,

I am producing a brochure for some new flats and need to include a couple of locations maps. The ususal thing: one fairly close / local streets etc and one of the surrounding area.

At the moment I've included some maps I've copied from Google but ...
1. Would they be high enough resolution for print?
2. Do Google have any copywrite restrictions?

If Google is not going to be a good idea, does anyone know of a company who can supply custom maps to me based on a postcode? Ideally at not too high a cost!

Thanks in advance.



Active Member
Maps from Google would be too low res for print. Could you not make a quick illustration of a Google map that is very basic? Something simple always looks good.


Junior Member
I stumbled in a site called Kozzi.com and I found maps of countries, state, cities there in high resolution format. Here's an example MAPS