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little help please


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Hi All

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the year!

Could you help please?! , I needs some input in my latest experimental work. it is called love thyself and started out as a self confidence piece then it evolved into something else entirely.

I am having a creative block and wondered if anybody could maybe do a critique, hints and inspire....

Thanks very much!!




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I think the person looks like it would work better if the lines were cleaner, sharper, but still sketchy and rough like what you already have. If you know what I mean. I can imagine what I mean but I'm having trouble finding an example on Google at the moment. I'm not sure how the imagery supports the theme though. As an image alone, it could be quite nice with a bit of refinement; but it needs more work to connect it to the theme I think.

When I look at the character I'm a bit lost. I start thinking, does she love herself? Is it a message TELLING her to? Is she meant to be an example to the rest of us of loving oneself? What is she in relation to the statement? She also looks like she's in her own world, is she an example of self-obsession I wonder?

The statement "love thyself" could be about self confidence, but it could also be about self obsession and consumerism.


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Typo said:
Blimey Jim....you are in touch with yourself tonight.
Haha, that one image sparked a whole debate in my mind. :D
Acutally, the idea of "love thyself" in terms of questioning the statement and where it could lead might be worth exploring... Hey, I can think deep sometimes you know!

But yeah, back to the original post - connect the image to the statement more.


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Thanks for the comments Typo, I agree going rather deep!, having one of those days?

something just does not feel right with it hmmm will keep working

Thanks again
the idea of love thyself makes me think the image needs some brighter colours in there. It seems to dreary to be a confidence booster. I would be tempted to give the cloud part a bit of a colour boost with a sort of colour spectrum.

I like the typography in the background but it doesn't do much in terms of linking to the image. Perhaps try making a few of the words emphasized more by changing the colour from purple to say an orange/yellow.

Not sure if both these ideas would work together, try one without the other or see how the two look together. Anyhow good work.