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Lightwindow with XML / Flash / Coverflow

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by tbwcf, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    Hello again...

    Further to my post yesterday on a coverflow solution I'm working with this one at the moment Flash iTunes Cover Flow Version 2 - Free and Open Source | Weber Design Labs which I've began to edit to suit.

    The flash contains links and images pulled in from a XML file, what I would ideally like to do is have these links (to larger images) open up using lightwindow or similar. Does anyone know how I can impliment lightwindow to work with it.

    Normally with lightwindow you reference the js etc in the html's head then add a class="lightwindow" to your links, can I add this class to the flash or xml somehow or is it more complicated than that?? I've read comments on the site where I downloaded it of a few ppl wanting to do the same thing but no solutions there as far as I can see...

    if anyone can help it would be much appreciated!
  2. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    Any reason why your using a flash based version of this solution?

    Im sure there is some jquery based solutions that would be far more flexible for your needs
  3. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    that was my initial thoughts but I've not come across anything with quite a bit of searching... if you know of any I'd be very grateful!
  4. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    If you have a JS solution I would love to hear it, flash is so not my bag.

  5. Alex

    Alex Member

  6. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    Thanks Alex, that's the smoothest of any of the js versions I've found (came across one or two when I was searching but they were very glitchy) I'll check that one out properly when I get time - thanks!

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