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Lighting in my Studio

Hey guys,
I've got a number of Halogen downlighters in my Studio and its getting hotter and hotter now in the summer months, plus they are costing a fortune to run !. I spoke to my friends bf and he said you can get LED bulbs to replace your halogen bulbs and that they simply clip in and work straight away. I've had a look around the internet & on amazon and TBH I'm pretty lost :icon_rolleyes:, Has anyone done this or know any pointers for me to try.
Hi, I had a similar experience in my Print room, although we wanted a more whiter light closer to daylight, thats why we changed ours to LED, although you can now get LED bulbs that have the same light colour as Halogens.
Do you know if your are mains voltage or low voltage ?
Mains Voltage or Low Voltage ? :icon_eek: , No idea Hun.
So you've actually done it then hun ? Are they any good ?,
Where did you get yours from ?
LOL, Yeh ours are really good, they are quite bright and they look really stylish.
Plus they are quite low power so they cost like a tenth of what the old ones used to cost to run.
We got ours from Finbright.
They do a couple of different types, we went for these ones in the end.
Finbright GU10 LED Pro
Check them out :)