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Lewis Hamilton Championship Leader

Holla Kids!

Did anyone watch the race today? Fantastic race from Hamilton in Canada leaves him on top of the championship! European GP next, lets hope the Mclaren boys are on top there is it is a track to suite Mclaren car for both Aero and Tyres.

Schumachers race was decribes by Martin Brundle saying "This is the worst race i've seen Schumacher race in his career"

Is anyone from the forums going to Silverstone or maybe even the Italian GP? I'll be going to both would be cool to meet up.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Glen,

It was a great race and good to see Mclaren one and two again, plenty of action all the way through, didn't even manage to get my lap 15 to lap 35 snooze in.

I saw it :D Was a really good race, great to see a McLaren 1 + 2 again :D Sad to see Schumacher back up to his usual old tricks, but I didn't expect any less from him.