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Letterhead Design


Junior Member
Hi everyone, i wonder if someone could give me a little advice.
I'm designing a corporate image for a client who wants the usual..business card, flyer and logo. However they also want a letterhead designing and i'm wondering what they best way to do it is? Obviously I will have to give them some sort of file so that they can put the letter text in and print it. Is it best to design the logo etc and then pull it into a WORD document and send the client that.

If anyone could help that would be great :)



Wog, I believe they are asking about the format to provide the work in.

I assume they've told you that they use MS Word, do they use anything else? I would supply the letterhead in PDF form as well as create a MS Word template that they can use.


Staff member
Doesn't it really depend on how they're going to use the letterhead.

There's no point supplying ms word templates if all they're going to do is send the file off to get it printed in bulk.


Exactly, hence my question. I'd like to assume this question was already asked to the client at some stage..! Otherwise, yes, you are right. They most definitely do need to ask their client exactly how they're going to be using it.