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Leaving Printedeasy.com

Well i mentioned it a while back, but i only have one week left at printedeasy.com now :-(

I have been training a nice guy called Alex who is taking over from me and so if anybody does want to get in touch with PE about printing then he's the man to speak to! (He might start posting on here so look out for him!).

I'm keeping this account though and just wondered if anyone knows how to change your username?? I may be being very thick, but i can't find where to do it anywhere..or maybe it just can't be done? :(

Yeah i'm really looking forward to it :)

Bit nervous as well, being the new girl 'n all. Eeeeek.

And i don't have any time off in between either, so i have a week left here next week and i start straight away on the 25th...got no idea what to expect but i like a challenge!

I will let everyone know how it goes. Might have to get involved with some design aspects of the website and telling designers what we need doing etc, so might need some advice here and there!
ha ha yeah, i thought i'd keep good old printedeasy.com in my signature as well as i'll still have a lot to do with them and will be popping back to the factory a lot. I launched it back in 2008 and so will always have a little bond to it (as well as the fact that its my boyfriend's brother/parents' company!)

I'm moving to Tesco.com as a web development assistant - so dealing with the non-food side of the website and making sure it's customer focused and nice :)
What i really need is some advice from some of the girlies on here about what to wear on my first day :(. I have absoutely no idea.

The 3 times ive been there i was quite flustered because of interviews etc and so didnt get a good look at everyone, but there were definitely jeans and i even saw someone is Uggs so i'm not sure if going really smart is the best idea. But also can you go in in jeans on your very first day?? ARGHH!!


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Always better to turn up embarrassingly smart than embarrassingly casual has always been my thinking on interviews/meetings/first days.


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'you never get a second chance to make a first impression'

If in doubt go for the smarter side of things. Better to feel tidy / overdressed than struffy.

Good luck with it! & thanks for the printed easy calendar I got in the post!
ah that's ok! Sorry if anybody else who wanted one didn't get one. It all got a bit manic at the end of xmas and i didn't get a chance to check back with my design forum inbox :(
oh and thanks for the clothes advice. Definitely agree that it's a good idea going smart. Just don't think i'll wip out the pencil skirt and stilletos!

I'll go in smart black trousers and some kind of top/shirt combo......should be fine.....hopefully!