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Learn how to logo design?

I have heard of several people that have studied at a professional level on how to make logos (ie: the research and process of creating it). Ultimately, does it make a difference?

I mean, I guess one has to have a natural talent at being creative, but maybe that is only fully stretched only after having understood the professional process of creating a logo?


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My friends MA dissertation was on semiotics, science of signs, he focussed the whole thing on simple logos that cross international boundaries effectively.

There aren't many. Any guess which one was the most common?

If you do a designs degree, it is easy to focus your skills on one subject matter, but I've never met anyone who has done a logo design coarse.


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Jimlad, almost, they vary sooo much his conclusion was they weren't a unified symbol.

Goaty, also a common one, but the colours change from country to country.

Would you believe its road signs, no particularly, the no entry sign. Design doesn't deviate massively around the world.


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Also, worryingly, Coke and Nike, instantly recognisable. This was part of his argument about strength of design through globalisation.
mrp2049 said:
Also, worryingly, Coke and Nike, instantly recognisable. This was part of his argument about strength of design through globalisation.
Surely they are only instantly recognizable due to the frequency you see them, usually on a daily basis. I think any logo you saw as often as Nike or CocaCola would be instantly recognizable, d'ya think maybe?


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Frequency isnt even half the battle, effectiveness is the major part. Strong individual branding that is distinct, simple and instantly recognisable is a work of genius.

Look at the major companies who have rebranded recently, there was no real need for it, but they did. Nike and Coke have done an incredible job of keeping their branding very much the same in their products life span. Frequency is not the major point I was raising, it was more about how effective some symbols can be across cultures and language barriers.
I went to school for graphic design and typically design is not something you start out with knowing. Most people start with illustration skills and the design education teaches more fundamental concepts that worth with both.

There really isn't a professional "process" to creating a logo although I'm sure the professionals go through sketching and research more-so than the amateurs. Much has to do with applying fundamentals (typography, legibility, taking into considering multi-media uses, white space, color theory).

By the way - I think I recognize you from DeviantART.


Terry, I think it would depend on the person. Everyone has different abilities, levels of intelligence (however you want to go about measuring that) and education. I think it would take someone to be strong in at least one of those areas to do well in something without any formal education in the subject.

But then if you were to take, for example, the golden ratio - how long would it take for someone without access to external sources or the education which would have taught them about it to understand that principle on their own?

Luckily we have the internet, so it's not so much an issue if you haven't been to University to study something. If you have the right qualities, i.e. self motivation then you can get far on your own with alternative forms of support.