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Launching my web designer freelancing in London


Junior Member
Hi Guys,

I am new and old in the same time:
-new in London where I moved some months ago from France.
-old in pro Web Design as I started in 1997 as a freelance in Brussels, Belgium, where I come from.

after some jobs as employee here in London, I want to be a freelance again, and I am in the process of creating and building my brand new website to launch my activities.

I need this activity to be running efficiently ASAP !!!

Do you have any advice for me to advertise my new freelance Web Design?

Greg, thank you for these forums


Active Member
Hi Vince,

Welcome to Design Forums, sounds like you have a fair amount of experience behind you, I would say your main priority is in getting a portfolio up and online as you mentioned, as this will be the basis for promoting yourself and attracting new clients.

Look forward to seeing your site and work when you have it up and running!
Thanks, Greg