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Launch of VZL Studio

Hey All,

VZL Studio are a new and upcoming graphic design agency. We are a collection of like-minded individuals that are passionate and experienced in great design. VZL are a digital design agency that specialise in creating creative, unique and professional graphic design. The targeted customer is a new or existing organisation wanting to brand or re-branding their business and an individual who wants to establish themselves as a brand.

Please visit our website and say hello at www.vzlstudio.co.uk
Tweet us at www.twitter.com/vzlstudio

Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/VZLStudio-792707880872579/?ref=hl

Celebrating the launch of VZL we have a 10% OFF all purchases for the first week only.

Get in touch!

Thank you :)

Paul Murray

Staff member
Moved to 'Introductions'.

Good luck with your venture. I'd get rid of the splash screen on your site though, they died out in the early 2000s since they don't help with SEO at all and just provide a barrier for your audience.