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Laughing at this guy for at least 15 minutes


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The video is pretty nice, but some of those comments are what's been keeping me in stitches for the past 15 minutes :lol:

I'm sorry for all the quotes but I just had to share :p

"Hmm...let's see. Average wind speed, my height times weight, distance from door, plus running speed...yes, this should work...CHARGE!"
Did that idiot actually break the door with his face?
how did he get inside the building??
Harry potter much? ( At the train station where he tried to go through the wall) ahhaha
lmfao how he tries to act casual as he's trying to work out the procedure.
i'll just stand here n hope someone else opens it for me but failing that i'll just charge at it head first!
Well he had good balance, not sure if he's still that way now XD
Why did he plough into it instead of just gently pushing it. LOL... ... Fail
....opens his file to check for notes on how to pass though an automatic door.
.. who in their right mind runs head first at a glass door..
I love humanity, it constantly supplies us with morons to entertain us.
ok even if that wasnt a door just a window, why would he still run like a retard,especially head first, omg so much fail
I can see him talking to that other guy at 0:38:
"How do I open the door?"
"Just walk through it."
(@ the comment above)
Hhahaa. Yup. "Well he told me to walk through it."
he stopped to wait for sum 1 to go out then decided for god knows what reason to run at it
he failed a door lol
I was told that it was his first day at college or university and he had never seen automatic doors before so he didnt know how to use them, i dont know how that justifies running head first in to them lol but thats what i heard
maybe he didnt see the glasses
Actually, I believe this guy was shopping for a way to sue someone for damages but forgot to check for CCTV cameras first... look how he waits until noone is watching him (apart from you, me and 2 million others seeing this on youtube...) so a more correct title might be "fake accident fail"...
lmao he thought it was some kind of a 1 way force shield and u can just run thru it
looks like he forgot the door was closed and ran for a taxi.
I understand that one might not get automatic doors if you haven't seen any, but I still fail to understand his logic.

How is running to it supposed to work?

He knew there was a door in there and that's where he was supposed to go, and he knew there was glass in there. There are no handles and it's seemingly unopenable, yet he knows there is a trick to it, he just needs to find it. So he runs into it.
the video wasn't too funny, but the comments made me rotflmao.