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Lame to Fame


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This topic was on another board I am on but try it, what are your lames to fame.

I was knocked over by Hacksaw Jim Duggan at Summerslam 1992.

At a variety show (to do with my Mothers church) I walked over/through a young Charlotte Church.
I nearly killed Ronnie Barker in Chipping Norton.

I was accused by Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) of stalking him.

I sold two old chairs that where going to the bonfire to Sting's mother.

I was in a TV advert with Jimmy Saville.


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"Darts Legend" Bobby George was a regular in one of the pubs I lived in as a kid, my dad helped him build his house.

I was on the news when they did an ongoing feature on complimentary therapies and my mother was doing kineseology.
Mate of mine got fired from his gardener job because he got cross with a guest pissing on his roses.

The guest was Elton John and it was at Sting's place at Lake House in Wiltshire.

He didn't recognise him. Opps.
Jimmy Carr asked me in Swindon Town centre where a Starbucks was.

This is a real lame fame one.... My sisters friend lived in the same street as Billie Piper!!! "NO WAYYY".. "Yeah I know, pretty amazing" "Yeah, totally"


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I walked past Lionel Richie in New York outside the Trump Hotel, unfortunately didn't get a pic with him or to say Helloooooo, his bodyguard had him straight into a blacked out limo :(

Chris Lord said:
This is a real lame fame one.... My sisters friend lived in the same street as Billie Piper!!! "NO WAYYY".. "Yeah I know, pretty amazing" "Yeah, totally"
Did she used to play her music too loud?
Where's the coat stand gone?


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I walked into a book shop several years ago only to discover I'd randomly wandered into a book signing with Sir Bobby Robson! Decided to buy the book, get it signed, and get a photo. I'll post it if I find it.


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For a while I owned a chair that used to reside in a local BBC radio station I worked in and had a 1/8 chance of having been sat in by Michael Palin.

My grandfathers cousins cousin is Julie Andrews.

As a child I once waited back stage at a pantomime to meet the characters from rainbow, they suspiciously never showed.


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Got told to cheer up by Ian Brown.

Spilt Jack Daniels on Wayne Rooney

Sold fags to Freddie Flintoff / Paul Dickov / Morrissey (used to work at Sainsburys)

Went to school with a page 3 girl.


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BenJonesDesign said:
actually I do have a slight one, I have met the DIY SOS team, including good ol' Nic, well pretty grouchy anyway
I was walking to work one day, I thought I saw a £20 on the floor, bent over to check, bonus! It was a trampled £20, as I stood up, Nick Knowles! As I stood up, my internal monologue failed and I said out loud, "**** me! Nick Knowles!"