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Label Printing

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by markb, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. markb

    markb New Member

    Hi, I'm not actually a graphic designer myself but could do with some advice.
    I need to make some wine labels and I'm not sure what equipment to use.

    What sort of printer

    What sort of paper to use

    I'm after a very high quality label.

    For example what sort of equipment will get me these sorts of results:

    Hope someone can help!
  2. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

  3. markb

    markb New Member

    I've been in touch with a few companies and I've not been able to find the quality of results I'm after. I've got loads of samples from the manufacturers but its not what I'm after.
    They all come out cheap looking, I need something that looks really good like I said I need thoughts on high quality paper and high quality printers

    Also when I get in touch with these companies all they want to do is sell to me I'm just after some impartial advice

    But thanks anyways
  4. berry

    berry Active Member

    A lot will depend may depend on manufacture and bottling and how it is done. The stock may not be conjusive to the bottling process. If it's a small run and the lables are applied by hand then any printer can/should produce self sticking labels on a variety of stock.
  5. tom thurs

    tom thurs Member

    ^ What they said

    If you're getting it labelled by a label machine it can get very complicated.
    Also if you're going to sell these bottles you'll have to have certain information on by law and you have to have things, fonts symbols etc at certain sizes too.

    If it's just a small run for personal use it's far easier
  6. markb

    markb New Member

    All will be labeled by hand unless I get my hands on a hand operated label applicator and they will be done in short runs.

    Got the information on the labels covered already cheers.

    Nope not for personal use.

    I've tried using a printer and paper but I wasn't getting great quality and I thought I had a good printer as well.

    What sort of Paper and printer (or anything else) will get me the sort of quality in the picture?

  7. Davidw

    Davidw Member

  8. antastic

    antastic Junior Member

    These would have been printed on a lithographic machine and then either guillotined or die cut to size suspect there would have been a minimum order of about 1000 of these, its very hard to produce this quality of print using digital (short run) techniques but if you search for a printer with a HP Indigo or a Konica Minolta 6500 these can print on a variety of different finished papers.

    Another idea would be to contact a sign maker these guys have digital machines that can print on rolls of material matt, satin, gloss etc and then can contour cut the labels out to shape.

    Say the roll is 1.3m wide and your labels 10cm you could easily fit 10 stickers side by side on the roll with padding between them.

    But for the quality in your picture you will need to contact a lithographic printer. Where in the world are you and i can give you a list of printers (not sure if im allowed to post them on here incase of advertising etc)
  9. cantdecode

    cantdecode Junior Member

    It's the printing service that must print your labels. This is much cheaper and safer thing to do rather that buying your own printer then print those labels there.

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