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Kulula Air, "Flying 101"


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A friend found this News Lite article about an airline company, Kulula Air, that have actually painted their planes with instructions!
Kulula Air Article.

Do you think this was a wise move for the company? I actually like it when companies don't mind trying to be a little humorous in their branding as long as it does not detract too much from their business. And of course they shouldn't have the humor be so outrageous as to have nothing to do with their product of course.

Tom Sound

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I can't believe it's got (mile high club initiation chamber) where the toilet is!

Like it though, are the staff uniforms the same too? Head, feet, arms, etc.

Surely it has to have been a great move for the business? It's a big talking point, and will result in a lot of publicity.

It's well done too. It could have been badly executed and ended up as a bad joke. So kudos to them for giving it a go. I like it. :D
chrismitchell said:
personally I like Kahlua in the cocktail "White Russians" :lol:

Uugh!.. No more White Russians for me. I used to love them, but let's just say I had enough of them at the last Christmas do. :D

I hate when that happens! Can't drink Martinis anymore either! Sorry Rhonda, didn't mean to hijack your thread with alcohol talk. :D


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No no it's okay! When I first saw the article I thought it said Kahlua as well. It is very similar in name, perhaps they should have thought of that:D I don't mind if the thread goes off track.

Great points Ian and Soren! I also applaud their bravery for trying this different approach to their product design. Sadly the article didn't say what their uniforms looked like, but that would be very funny to see Tom S:D
Being from South Africa I have actually flown on Kulula!

Their uniforms sadly are not as innovative as the rest of their identity and are really quite predictable. Also, don't be fooled by the article, they only own two planes and those are the ones which have been painted with the "Flying 101" design. The bulk of their fleet are actually leased aircraft and these planes have no Kulula markings at all (they are just plain white with only the aircraft numbers painted onto them)...its all about being cheap I suppose!

I have flown with them several times between major South African cities and never actually had the chance to fly in either "flying 101" planes...

As long as they get me there on time for the best possible price I am happy! ;-)


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Very cool Peter! Yes I guess it would be rather expensive if all their planes were to be painted like that. :D Long as they are at least reliable, anything they want on their aircraft is fine:)


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Hey Rhonda, I am new to this site and have to say a bit of an 'aerosexual' but I don't sit at the end of runways in a anorak and thermal for company (I save that for browsing this site!) ;o)

I am actually Cabin Crew as my main job, for now!

Thanks for sharing it!