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Was pointed at this website yesterday:


Essentially it's a social networking style thing where you can add blog-style posts, images, video and music/sound files. I thought I would share as I was quite impressed with the design and general look of the site. (I think lately I keep getting drawn to sites made in flash like this (like www.photoshop.com and www.sumopaint.com))

I made my own Kontainer too... Icon Forever's Kontainer | Kontain I should probably be working on finishing my own website but somehow I keep getting distracted.

Anyway - what do you think?? Good site/bad site?
Great design but takes awhile to load the home page. It is cooler than I thought though, I just looked at your profile and it really is setup like a blog...pretty neat, much better than having to dig to find facebook notes. Might look into this thing one day.


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Must admit does look nice, ill prob sign up.

Mis-spelling words or adding a z where an s should be is a massive pet hate of mine though, Maybe I can put that on hold while using "C"ontain


Edit: Signed up, the interface is fantastic and I found out why! developed by FI (fantasy interactive) who have been in my goto list of amazing web dev' bookmarks for many a year.


Check me out!
Kontain looks really interesting. I love the UI, but can't help feeling there's a lot of noise on my own personal page.

Not convinced by it being all Flash, though. Something to keep an eye on though, but for now, Tumblr does what I want perfectly.


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Im pretty happy to be honest, my "thread" has made it to the front page! Ive refreshed a million times and used different browsers that have never been to kontain and its still there, so its definately not related to my account! would explain the number of views as well (nearly 2000 in 1 day) !!!

Very happy!

Slow to load but gorgeous; I could easily see myself on this site. ^^

The only problem: when I try to scroll up or down my browser lags briefly before doing so. Also, I miss being able to right-click and open a link in a new tab. The pitfalls of Flash...