Knock, Knock


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Hello, everyone. Just knockin' on the door to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Stephen and I create logos and stuff.

My full time gig is as senior graphic design manager for a global flooring product company in Dalton, Georgia, USA. I have been in the industry for 19 years. All of my positions have been in the corporate world (vs. an agency), and I'm trying to grow my freelance brand in order to strike out on my own. There's not much time left since I will be 51 y.o. this coming September.

My strength is logo design, branding, and identity; though I also design other stuff. I also enjoy mentorship, and have started a YouTube channel called "Command+N Graphic Design Tutorials" that produces content specifically for graphic design college students. Though any aspiring designer may find it helpful.

I'm looking forward to connecting and being part of this community.



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Hey Stephen and welcome to GDF.

Personally, I don't think it's too late to do anything and I'm no Spring Chicken.

Like the name "Command+N Graphic Design Tutorials".
Verry clever! :D


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Hey, welcome! Just bear in mind that most of us are from the UK in case you don't understand some of the references.