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Hi everyone, Im new to the site.

I am really interested in the world of graphics but kind of got distracted by my a levels and degree and other things that 18 year olds get distracted by :D

Recently a few people from a military forum that I am a member of asked me to created some signature graphics for them. I ended up doing quite alot and it was suggested to me to create a website.

I can write html but just dont have the time so my website is made using a template but I would be very grateful of any comments that you have about my work.


as you can see being a student I cant afford to buy my webspace! The animation also dont animate on the site as for some reason it has a problem with my .gifs but I have put a like to my photobucket album where they can be seen in all their flashy glory :up:

I dont admit to being a graphic designer as I am no where near good enough yet, and need training but I would be very grateful of you feedback.

Thanks everyone



Active Member
Welcome to DF Kathryn. At last someone who doesn't profess to being a 'graphic designer' so I have to give you respect for not trying to blow smoke up our arse. Because you have been honest from the off then you have my time and attention to help you be all you want to be.


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alright Kathryn!

welcome to DF!

i'd first off think of getting a less cluttered layout for your portfolio. especially as all your pieces of work have heavy shadows behind them, as its almost impossible to look at one specific thing without being distracted.

i'd like to see all of your work without any of the shadowing behind texts or items, because it really doesnt do any of them justice.

also, straight-out plain fonts with simple gradients will look a lot more professional than layer effect after layer effect after layer effect in photoshop :)



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Welcome to DF.

I think you should avoid using bevels in your design.

TBH the site is not very professional looking.

There are plenty of tutorials around and people on here that will point you in the right direction ifyou need any help.