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Kickstarter campaign and intro!!! :)

Hi guys! im Jordan Szabo a 22yo designer from Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I'm not sure if this is allowed but if possible can you share the section below in at all please? it’s for my project/business outside of work where I create graphic designs and artwork... I’ve started a kick-starter crowd funding campaign to help me buy some new equipment to help me progress as a designer....

I’ve been doing graphic design freelance for around 6years and have held jobs through the design industry working with authors during my time with Pen and Sword Publishers and have been accredited for my work in numerous bestselling titles as well as dealing with clients from around the world.

My personal client base has started to expand a bit more and I’m in need of new specialized design equipment. I’m hoping that this kick-starter crowd funding campaign will help me fund my project and allow me to grow as a designer. Any donations are much appreciated and will be spend well.

One of my main clients is KORracing a British superbike and thundersport team from Elsecar. www.korracing.com. I am responsible for: the design of the bikes, fairings, leathers, advertising campaigns, media relations, and team uniforms - With their expansion I need to expand as well to accommodate their requests, and to ensure that I am well prepared for future requests.

Please share, take a look and if possible donate!

Cheers Jordan



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A few questions:
A. Why would fellow designers/printers want to fund your career?
B. Why don't you go to the bank and get a business loan?
C. If you can't afford to buy equipment why not make a deal with a local supplier until you can afford them?

Paul Murray

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^ Agreed, it seems to be a trend now to start a crowd-funding project any time someone needs funds for something, like the students who post expecting us to donate towards their final shows.

This is your first post here and you've contributed nothing to the community, yet you're expecting us to help you raise £3000 for something. What exactly is the £3000 for? I see no real break down of costs or indication of what the money would be used for.

If you're serious about starting a business, write a business plan that covers your expenditures and start up costs and go out and get funding. There's local business growth organisations all over the country for exactly this sort of thing. They'll help you get a loan from a reliable investor, but that investor will expect a clear breakdown of what the loan is for and when they can expect to get a return on their investment.

Be careful starting a business on a debt though as you're playing catch-up from the beginning. Fund everything yourself if you can, but never buy more than you need or can afford.

Alternatively if your expand as quickly as you say you are, just save up and buy the equipment as an when you need it/can afford it or use the deposit from the work to get you started.


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In addition to the comments above, if I was even to consider a donation (for whatever reason), showing off something like this may have me far more interested:

have held jobs through the design industry working with authors during my time with Pen and Sword Publishers and have been accredited for my work in numerous bestselling titles as well as dealing with clients from around the world.
I haven't really looked into your work too thoroughly, but I didn't come across any of the work you produced for those publishers and numerous bestselling titles. This has surely got to be a big selling point. However, the few things I have seen from your work shows great potential, but you still have bits to learn.
Thanks for the input guys and the constructive criticism :)

I have a wacom bamboo tab at the moment and work through pc so can't really take work with me the customers I currently have I've been working with a while and thought this would be a good place to start with crowd funding any help or advice (which has been provided so thankyou).

After reading your comments I can see where you coming from it was a bit of a rushed idea to gather the equiptment admittedly but I do believe it would better my work with the equipment.

the breakdown of what i have been looking at for the requested money is

Wacom Cintiq 22hd graphics tablet £1499.99
Lenovo 250 15.6'' Laptop £659.99
Brother MFCJ6520DW A3 printer £125.00
WD Passport Ultra 2TB external drive £84.99
Logitec K400 wireless keyboard £29.00
Logitec T630 optical wireless mouse £47.99

aswell as some basic supplies
500sheets a4 75gsm £3.99
500sheets a3 80gsm £8.99
50sheets a4 photoquality gloss paper 270gsm £9.99
40sheets a3 phptoquality matt paper 170gsm £19.99

works out at £2489.92 for the items ive been after.
then there are other unforseen bits and bobs aswell.

Blood and Iron: Letters from the Western Front- is one of the main titles i worked on with pen and sword books
https://books.google.co.uk/books?id...=onepage&q=jordan szabo pen and sword&f=false

I understand that other designers and printers wouldn't necessarily fund me because they have worked hard for what they have achieved. I assume all of you here have as well and also have a lot more experience than myself. the main reason i started this is because i cannot afford the things i have been looking for due to car payments, insurance, rent - as i dare say you guys have a lot of the smae things that sometimes eat all the disposable income... but its something i am still wanting to work towards, as for bank loans its something i cannot afford as mentioned unfortunatley otherwise i would have turned straight for them haha, i was advised about the kickstarter from a friend and jumped in :)

I honestly am grateful for the feedback and will take it on board and use this forum to better myself, cheers guys any other comments are welcomed and will be taken on board :)


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What on earth do you want a Cintiq for?! They are mostly used by professional illustrators and digital artists. A lot of graphic designers don't even use a tablet at all.

You'd be better off keeping your Bamboo, improving your work and expertise and building up a client base like everyone else does. The work and money will gradually increase
and then you will be able to buy more equipment as you go along.

Good luck in meeting your goal on Kickstarter, but you haven't even posted any work on there, or a video - how do you expect people to fund you?
when they don't know the quality of work they're going to get?
Hi Jordon, have you heard of Prince's Trust?
They help young people, up to 30 years I think, with business support.
You can ask for a funding loan up to £4000. However you will need to write a business plan and present your idea to a panel to receive it.

Personally I think you are asking for too much. Be realistic and keep cost low!
A nearly £50 computer mouse is questionable.
Jordan, you say this project is outside of your normal day job, so you have an income.
Please explain then why you are asking for paper?

If you expect everyone to pay for everything you are in for a long wait. One of the main principles of business funding is that you, the borrower, demonstrates your willingness to invest yourself. Why should I contribute my hard earned money if you are not?

On another note - How many other designers do you think are now writing to your client to offer their services as you have published their details and what it is you do for them?

I'm sure you are a great person who shares our ambitions and passion for self-improvement, but simply asking for money will just alienate people. Marketing yourself with your previous work is great but I would keep your current clients to yourself or risk losing them to others.

Good luck.

Dave L

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Jordan, you say this project is outside of your normal day job, so you have an income.
Please explain then why you are asking for paper?
Exactly: stay late one night and have a rummage through the stationery cupboard like everyone else.

More generally, you don't need anything like £3k to set yourself up as a designer (and the consumables element is taking the piss somewhat - as I worked down the list, I half expected to find £3 for a jar of coffee). As it doesn't make your wish list, I'm assuming that you already have all the software you need so the only other actual requirement is a computer that will run it (and it needn't be a high-end/expensive one either). When I started out, I had Quark Xpress, an old version of Creative Suite and a £300 laptop and, while I've upgraded bits and pieces over the years as funds have allowed, I could start again tomorrow with the same set-up.


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The kickstarter project is going swell, £25 and three backers!

I'm not surprised.

Jordan please reconsider everything we have said - most of us have been where you are and this is sound advice :)