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Keen to Learn!

Hi, my name is Ewan, I am 14 and really enjoy graphic design, I don't consider myself "good", but relatively decent, however I would like to improve my skills and would love to enter some competitions or get requested design work from anyone who would be willing, to hopefully improve my work or make it something bigger in the near future. I am mainly interested in designing logos, I believe I have quite a creative mind, it's just getting it down that seems to be the struggle for me at the moment. Also, anybody who could recommend some tutorials or inspiration graphic designers please feel free to do so.
Helpful Tips And Where To Find Help

Hi Ewan, a big welcome to you - we are new visitors too!

Lovely to see you have a keen interest in graphic design and that you wish to learn. On our blog and Youtube channel we regularly post a variety of tutorials for all manor of design related topics. You may find some valuable hints and tips. I will also recommend this small blog post Top tips for graphics designers which provides loads of useful and up to date information for the industry. You can also look towards social media communities such as G+, Pinterest and Behance for inspiration and design techniques.
I hope you find these articles helpful and wish you well.