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Karen Klein's crazy internet story


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if you havent heard about it, take a quick look at this link:

Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation! -- Indiegogo

lots about Karen Klein been floating around recently, but here's the gist of it.

  • karen is 68
  • she works as a bus monitor on a US school bus, earning $15,050 a year, equivalent of UK minimum wage at about £9.5k/10k.
  • The video attached to the link below was uploaded by a pupil, who was one of the many people on the bus who decided to give her 5hit for no reason.
  • the internet caught on. 4chan/reddit somehow found the names of all the pupils. they released their full addresses and phone numbers.
  • some nice people opened an IndieGoGo campaign to help get Karen $5k to go on holiday.
  • the project went viral and has SO FAR raised about £250k/$380k.

this is crazy amazing and to me, proves people aint all that bad.

but when does this go too far?

surely, if Karen Klein leaves her job as bus monitor, someone will replace her on $15k salary. then what?

is this abuse not happening on school buses around then world? isnt this just stupid kids being stupid kids?

why does Karen Klein deserve $380k when there are people worse off with $0 income?

should we even answer these questions, or should we just be happy that the internet and the people who use it helped to make the world a *slightly* better place?

i love what's happened but want to know what you think.

(yes, it's 3am, i have an interview tomorrow and i'm up doing nothing. i'm bored and can't sleep. that's why i'm posting)