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Really like your work! Some lovely pieces on there, all I'd say is there's nothing about who you are exactly anywhere which could be useful.


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Agreed, great work but no (brief) bio with your background, qualifications and, in particular, location! Get that sorted and I'm sure someone will find you.
work is nice, i really like DMU squash, but "Franks" record looks like fronks to me,

add more pages 2 your site "about, services" and on your contact add a contact form as people will be lazy and not bother copy and pasting ur email.
Some nice work dude, good job, like a few of the other comments just add a bit more depth to the site with details about you and your background as you customers will like to know who they are hiring.
Nice work! Especially like the Body Image piece and the use of tracing paper as a substrate. I'm a big fan of vellum and this really works. Agree with the others that you need some more pages and basic info. Good luck - I'm sure you will do well :)