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Just updated my portfolio website, would love some feedback!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by dannysnelson, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. dannysnelson

    dannysnelson New Member

    I recently completely updated my portfolio website with a new design (through Squarespace) and uploaded new work. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to look over my work and can offer constructive feedback!
  2. hey i dont mind it, very simple and clean. good colors

    biggest drawbacks for me at the moment being heavily picky:

    i think your missing a few images at the bottom, big whitespace -> but only noticeable on large screens as its responsive
    using images like that on the homepage slow load times -> are you using compressed images etc / gzip?

    apart from that as a portfolio site thumbs up looks good
  3. PriyeshDesign

    PriyeshDesign Member

    Hi Danny, you definitely have talent for design and illustration.

    Your portfolio is pretty straightforward like nearly all Squarespace templates - clean and tidy!

    Your 'About Me' page is neatly structured, however why do you feel your age is important?

    And interesting brand colour.
  4. dannysnelson

    dannysnelson New Member

    Thanks for the taking the time to look at it. Good point with the whitespace, I only worked on it on my Macbook Pro so I'm not too aware on how it'd look on bigger screens. I guess it encourages me to produce more work to fill up the whitespace!
  5. dannysnelson

    dannysnelson New Member

    Thanks for your great comments. I'm not too sure why I put my age, I think I'll remove it on the off chance that an employer is ageist haha. I figured pink as a self branding colour for a guy was pretty rare, one way to stand out I guess!
  6. steve18021991

    steve18021991 New Member

    Its quite nice, makes alot of my stuff look really out of date :)

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