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Just stopping in to say hey,,,

New here, a little about me,, i have been drawing as far as i can remember,, about 20 odd years or so i got hit while riding my motorcycle by a drunk driver and ended up in a wheelchair and from there my art became my life.... i started tattooing full time, airbrushing, paint and anything else i could get my hands on,,, i retired from tattooing but i still draw, no matter what im doing i have pad and pen in hand,, Bout 7 years ago wife got me a camera to get me out more and im also haveing tons of fun with that,, it open up my eyes to all sorta of things,,
Glad to be here
bob aka tattoobob

Sean Lee-Amies

Hello! Welcome to DF :) That's quite an incredible story, I can't imagine it's very easy to get over something like that. I'd love to see some of your work if you'd like to share some :)

Tony Hardy

Hi Bob,

Welcome to the forum :) What an inspiring story!

Hope to see you stick around the place.