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Just launched my online book The Red Sword

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by berry, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. berry

    berry Active Member

    BBC - Tyne - Places - Shields summer of '69

    The Red Sword

    Just thought I'd share with the forum that I've published my first book online. The local BBC did an radio interview today and published the article online. Since going online today I've had over 400 unique visitors reading the book. ( complete with a few typos! )
  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Berry, that's a fantastic achievement, congratulations!
    I've just read the article on the BBC site, and the first couple of pages on the Red Sword site, the poem on the 2nd part of the homepage is really nice, I'll get to start reading the main book/story when I have the opportunity. Well done!! :)
  3. Gaz

    Gaz Member

    Loving that design. I think I have a thing for red black and white together. lol
  4. br3n

    br3n Senior Member

    Be wary of red and black being used together, red and black evoke a dangerous, negative feel psychologically within us, red and white is the opposite. Thats the reason "SALE" signs are red and white - it inspires confidence and safety.

    Berry for me the body text is too small - maybe my eyes dont work but certainly for reading a length of text I needed to control+ it :) I find AC the same.

    Will read the document asap though! :D congrats.

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