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Just graduated and seeking feedback

Hi Guys

Hope you all are well and enjoying the world of design

Ive recently graduated with a product design degree and have slowly moved into the world of web design and development as a part time hobbie while working a designer. Ive recently launched my website called "Stock Doodles" - it is a growing design news and inspiration site featuring products, artists, technology, innovation, and up-and-coming trends. As the site has only been up and running for less then a month it seems i am receiving quite a lot of traffic. Long story short i just wanted some designers from different disciplines to have a look at my site and comment on what you like, dislike, what can be improved and so on ....

Any information/ comments/ suggestions/ approvals would be extremely valuable in developing my site ... alternatively feel free to poke around my site if you are after some design inspiration or latest design news.

S.D. | Design News & Inspiration – featuring products, artists, technology, innovation, and up-and-coming trends

Thanks a lot guys
Hi Aj,

To be brutally honest, I don't like the layout. Ok so, from the top:

The header section is a bland, nothing, grabs my attention which is a very important thing with a website, first look counts! I think the first thing I see is your current logo. If you are a designer your logo should stand out, plain text logos really don't work for me.

When looking at the bottom of my screen I can see your works section. At first glance it doesn't look that bad, nicely aligned, good images, but then I scroll down. I don't like how jumbles the images and text are at all, doesn't make easy reading in my view. Loading more and more as you scroll down is a little like oh god when is this going to stop, you really don't need to cram everything in the front page, keep it simple!

Lastly, that favicon is very annoying, making me slightly nauseous.

I think what you really need to do is go back to the drawing board. Start with your logo, create something interesting but keep it simple at the same time. Once you have your logo, base your site on it using its colours, fonts etc. Take DF for example, it has a simple yet interesting logo and the website carries on the trend making it a good looking website because everything works as a creative whole.