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judge my promo posters

hi guys, ive been taking a crack at photoshop for about 18months now and though i know the software pretty well i am a complete ameteur when it comes to design. i spend alot of time digitaly painting concept art but text placement is impossible to me. i just cant seem to add text with out ruining my ilustrations. if you guys could take a look at my stuff and open your design brains and fix me up. you guys can be as meen as you want, it the only way il learn. ive load them on to photo bucket so you can take a look (there blingual in welsh which is a pain) thanks for your time

work pictures by bartsmoonparty - Photobucket

all the best


i'm in agreement with charles.. and i get the feeling of Lensflare overuse... akin to Mo's overuse of filters too.. :)


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I think you have some great ideas going on, but they are very complicated/over worked for print.

I always say this to people do posters, consider the cheapest output for a poster, its a photocopier, you work looks great on screen and would if they were run out of a decent printers.

First thing to do is greyscale the finished poster, if they look a lot flatter and the colours aren't so well defined, you need to simplfy it.

Don't be dishearted, your work is good, you just need to learn a little more about versatility in the medium.


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Just a heads up. Not sure why but when I opened that link my virus protection program immediately caught something it thought was malware or suspicious and I got a message about it. I aborted the connection so I don't think anything got through. Did anyone else get that?
cheers guys, your right about the lens flare ive only used it two of the posters but it stands out like crazy and looks a little tacky. about printing them your completetly right, them come out of a crappy zerox machine that pretty much gets rapped by everyone and they never look as good as the stuff we send to professional printers.

do you guys have any example of good promo posters? ones that i should look at to try and get a better idea of how to simplfy them. if you could post some links or point me in the right direction.

thanks so much for your time and its nice to finally get some helpful feedback

all the best
ps as i wrote this on has written about virus on the link, the link simply goes to a photobucket folder i set up last night and is completely free or virus and stuff ( i assume photobucket is clean, its a legitmate picture hosting sites)
I dunno they seem to look spot on for the kind of flyers your get for clubs and what not.

I used to flyer for clubs in my college days and some of the print stuff there was reallly over worked but it worked.


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Oh I like them a lot and I don't think they're overworked for their purpose. When you walk around a big Belgian city you'll see similar posters for similar events.

I do think that you're name (academi?) is too prominent. And it's just a name; so on some of the posters it is giving the impression that it's another dj/artist that will be at the event rather than the one who designed the poster.