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Hi all,

The company that I work for don't really use job bags, and so I'm not familiar with what they are, what they do or how they work?

There isn't a whole lot of consistent information about them online, but while applying for other jobs I keep running into the term. From what I can gather, they're a means of collecting all relevant information associated with a particular client/job, though I may be way off with that description. Maybe we do use job bags, but call them something different? Who knows?

Do any of you use them in you daily work, if so, would you care to give a quick description of what they are, and how you use them?

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Not heard that term for a long time!
a means of collecting all relevant information associated with a particular client/job
It means just this to me. An A3 envelope or similar with all hard copy stuff that can't be kept as a digital file. Didn't think they were
still used these days. I still use them as I still do a lot of hand-drawn stuff.


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I'd assume it's just some sort of 'storage bag' for loose items when doing live projects.

I still use storage folder(s), think of those cardboard document wallets, which the fit nicely in a box file. It's mainly for cut outs/sketches etc until I get round to digitally archiving sketches although in some cases it's also temp storage of client assets.


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We use them.

The information relating to the job is all into a folder/bag.

It would contain the specs: size, stock, print info like if it is 4/4 or maybe 2/0 etc. Page count all the print stuff.

Contains the customer and the contact details.

Customers could also send in samples etc that could be put with it.


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When I worked at a printers they contained the art-work, film, plates and a few samples.


So, they're literally a 'bag of job'.

Makes sense, just wanted to make sure it wasn't some gaping blind spot in my design lingo/terminology.