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Jim says hello.

Hi everyody.

I'm James. I'm from Colchester.

I've been freelancing for around four years, but stupidly haven't joined a design forum before. I've read lots of them but never felt compelled, until now, to register. There was something about the vibe of Design Forums that made me cross the line and sign up. I think it's the blueness.

I'm into branding, Illustration, web design, print...oh dear I really do most things, but am thinking of gradually narrowing down to branding which I particularly enjoy.

I'm super new to forums in general. I know not to say swears, but let me know if I'm doing something odd without realising it.

Another reason I've signed up is cuz the amazing Mike Sharp is on the team I think and I follow him around like a bad smell. Also, I need lots of good advice and I want to be part of a funky cool web thing.

Thanks for reading!

Hmmm, sounds good!

I think the first thing I'll do is get people to rip my website to pieces. It's not live yet, and I've been tinkering with the layout and stylings for far too long.

Where would it be best to post the link?


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Welcome to the blueness Jim! :)
Good to hear it was DF that persuaded you to join a forum, hope you find DF useful, and look forward to hearing more from you. As for posting your site/work for feedback then this would be the right forum > Work/Project Feedback & Critique

Hey, Jimlad.

Were you, by chance, named after Jim Hawkins form Treasure Island? I was. Being a Jim is great. James is good, but when people call you Jamie it's not good. No offence to Jamies; it's a fine name to be sure, but it's not Jim or James.

Cheers Jimlad,


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Nope I wasn't named after Hawkins. Call it unimaginative but it seems in my dad's side of the family for the last few generations the 2nd son keeps getting named James for some reason, weird.


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Hello there and welcome aboard. Yes we must not confuse Jim with our Jimlad (who has a nice pic of himself IMO;) )

Also Jim, love your avatar illustration! Is that a character you have created? Really love the sci-fi feel to it from what I can see.:D
Cheers, Rhonda.

Actually that's me photoshopped into a special 'moon suit'. I drew the whole thing and it was pretty cool in a Star Wars kinda way. I have the rest of it somewhere, but can't find it...