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Jay check ya PM please bud


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Done fella. :)
Err...popping vits and playing on the Wii with my 5 year old all day actually, sozzy dude.
Totally forgot it was Friday, thought it was Sat so totally missed the gym as well. :cry:

Did get my oldest, 5, choosing a fish salad for diner and my middle one, 3 choosing an omelette and salad full of vits and betacortone mainly carrots and raw peppers, but it's a start none the less.

Played a great game of who can get the food in their mouth the fastest, best trick for getting, sorry tricking, kids into eating veg as it's a game they want to win and can beat daddy at, which in my house is a rarity, and it's well fun as well. :D


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O I'm glad every one knows me so well. :D

Given up anything more than a glass a red a night or 1 pint down the pub on a night out, which is nice as I'm now the taxi for my mates. O well free redbulls in it for me the rest of the night so cant complain as my nights out now equal about £3 dependant on where we start. :D
Down side by the end of the night I act like a kid with "ADHD". :lol:

Secret kids????????