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Java help

oh. Well its kinda slow on mine and my boyfriend says it doenst even load past the first image on his computer :(

Is it working ok for everyone else?
Is there anyway I can check how it runs on other browsers somehow?

Thanks Chris


I checked on the following browsers for you on Mac and PC too :D

IE both Mac and PC, Chrome, Firefox on bot Mac and PC and Opera all worked fine for me.. maybe its the latest driver for Java needing to be installed?


Staff member
each of your gallery pages is taking around 6 seconds to load up on firefox (which I've tweaked for performance). I have an 8meg connection which means I normally can download around 600kb/s so if theres 3.5meg's worth of images per page its about right.

The file size of the images (around 3-400kb each) doesn't help as they are quite large for the dimensions in my opinion, it might have been worth just doing slightly more compression and adding a subtle blur just to get the file sizes down some more.