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I've just seen the New Jag XJ.......

And am stunned! Gone is the old fashioned look and in it's place is a sleek and decidedly modern looking Jag. I like the way Jag has managed to update their image whilst still so obviously being identifiable as a Jaguar.

Here it is here YouTube - jay leno talks about jaguar

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the new modern look of Jag?


its a Jag.. and I think that Jeremy Clarkson said the correct thing about Jag owners :lol:


thats a fantastic Donkey Timbo... how many MPDP's (Miles per Donkey Poop) do you get?


Active Member
I think it looks awesome, and yes I also watched Top Gear, on the iPlayer last night :)
EDIT- Isn't it a Vauxhall engine?


Senior Member
so many of the big super car companies are owned by "average" car these days I don't think calling a jag a vauxhall in a suit is that fair! Don't get me wrong, you can't beat a colourful Clarkson analogy.