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I've had the nicest weekend because...


Senior Member
I say weekend, my weekend/days off are Monday and Tuesday, but there is a point, thanks to my bank bouncing my phone bill on my pay day (bastards), I have had my phone cut off.

So this has been a weekend where I have not had a phone call, text message, only just checked my email for the first time since friday night, no twitter and it has been amazing! Just wanted to share, I think you should all try it! Leave the phone at home for a day, turn off the iphone, ban the blackberry...it has been an awesome experience.

Just wanted to share!


That sounds almost idyllic Mike :) I'll have to give it a try for a day or a week or something myself :)


Senior Member
My girlfriends Dad has a 'weekend phone' as he used to spend 3/4 of the weekend on his blackberry answering emails and being in contact with work. His blackberry is now banned and he has to use a phone that only his immediate family have the number for. Even his normal family have to ring the house phone or similar