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It's hello from me

As per title. Hello (Ross and Paul as it seems to be the 2 of you that do most of the meeting and greeting).

Been working in design for about 17 years i think. Started as an in-house designer at a College then moved to an arts organisation then went agency. Originally worked in print design as the web hadn't been invented when I started. Worked on print and branding for loads of household names over the years. Been doing mainly digital for the last 6 years now. Don't touch code of any description, purely interface design, UX, UI and a bit of strategy. However, I still turn my hand to the odd bit of branding and art direction when I can/it's required.

According to my wife i'm having a pre-mid life crisis as I'm contemplating giving up my cushy creative directors role and going it alone in one way or another. From lurking here there seems to be lots of useful advice kicking about on the business side which i have no experience in what so ever.


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Hi there, welcome to the forum.

It's what I'm here for. I make the entrance look pretty .. to entice you in, looks like I did the job!

I'm like you. I probably do equally as much branding as digital, but go nowhere near the development side of things. Certainly not for me.
I used to dabble in front end development but I was never any good at it. Nothing kills creativity like staring into the matrix if you ask me so i just keep well clear of it and let the experts do their thing.
Did that last year. 2 seater with a massive engine and no roof. Very practical for a man living in one of the wettest parts of the country with a wife and 2 kids.

I'm a walking, talking, cliche. :icon_biggrin: