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It's bitten because its an APPLE not a Cherry

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by simplykreative, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. simplykreative

    simplykreative New Member

    Did you know that Apple logo has numerous stories attached to its inception. And here is the most interesting one that o have come accross.

    Apple logo has a biiten end, do you know why??

    According to Rob JanoffRob Janoff, its bitten so that it looks like an apple and not a Cherry ...

    Have more stories associated to this logo, please share..
  2. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    I also have heard many stories about the apple logo, the bite is to show scale.

    The best one I heard is that the brand is giving a nod towards Alan Turing, who is credit with creating the first computer to crack the Enigma Machine. He killed himself with cyanide and when his body was found there was an half eaten apple next to him?
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  3. simplykreative

    simplykreative New Member

    yes. here is one more

    A rumor behind apple's logo being that Steve Jobs having worked in apple orchards in Oregon and stuck for another name decided to name it after his favorite brand of apples, McIntosh apples. It is spelt differently to the way Apple spell Macintosh for whatever reason, but this seems to be recognized as the most likely origins.

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