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It started with a dream...

Hey guys and girls,

First post just to say heeeeey! In the process of starting my clothing line :)D)
I haven't ever studied fashion, design etc but always loved clothes and having a good appearance! Worked at mortgage company and several other similar job but have been out of employment for a while now! Had a dream about a month ago now that I had a clothing line, designs and even the name, so guess what I did haha! Woke up and now 'following my dream' haha corny or what? But I'm here now and have loaaaads of designs that I'm having trouble with on photoshop which I HATE already lol but hey a good workman never blames his tools! So I will be harassing people with awnsers on how to do stuff and concepts but on here mainly to share my journey with other people in a similar position and also to follow others!

Welcome to DF mate. I launched my clothing line just before Christmas last year so if you need any information just send me a message. Good luck!