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isn't skype great!?

I'm doing a remote photoshoot today; I'm in London the shoot is in Berlin, and I'm art directing via skype. I've never really used it much (can a 28 year-old be a luddite?), but it's bloody great.


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It is great! - My gf is cabin crew so its great for when she's away as most the hotels have wifi so we can stay in touch for free instead of having huge phone bills!

Also a couple of my mates are recent converts due to investing in new laptops with built in webcams!


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Ahh yes the wonders of Skype :D
I got it about a year ago with a Skype-In number and it is a great service, although I have been wanting to try out another one called Vyke which I've heard good things about -Vyke.com has anyone tried them?
We have clients all over the world, and for us, Skype is an integral part of our business. Clients can call us (or vice versa) at no charge, and discuss what they might not be able to via email. It's definitely worth your while to add your Skype name to contact details in my opinion!