Is there an alternative to UTC for Windows?



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Hi All,

I need a font management software geek to help me out!

Is there an alternative to Extensis UTC for Windows users? I work for a large organisation, and we are looking for a font management programme to help us be good citizens and keep track of number of users per font, so that we do not exceed the limit for the license.

We know that UTC has these capabilities, (centrally linked, recording the number of users per font in an organisation) however, we are put off from using it because of the cost.

Is there an alternative, low cost, or free font management tool, (for PCs or PC compatible), which will help our IT department to keep track of the number of users per font?

For the record, I assume that software like Suitcase (for macs in this example), is able to activate and deactivate fonts, so as not to slow a computer's performance. However, something as basic as Suitcase will not audit, or report the number of users of a font. So we need something much more advanced than Suitcase. Preferably free, but able to be linked up centrally so as to count the number of users per font in a single organisation.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you!