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Is there a standard charge for shirt designs?

Hi ladies and gents. I am new to this forum and as such this is my first post.

I have been approached by a textile company to design shirts for cage fighters.

I normally charge £45 per hour and they want to know how much I want for my designs. Bear in mind they may sell quite a few of these so I was thinking about maybe saying £150 per design then say £1 per shirt sold?

Is there a standard rule of thumb for how these things operate? This is the first time I have had work of this nature come through.

Any help would be great.

Much Thanks



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Welcome to DF.

That's a tough one to judge, you could always give a price per t-shirt and specify how many hours design time that gives, then if they did want further revisions, above & beyond that it would be charged at £x/hr. I've not really dealt with t-shirt design or textiles companies, but I think you'll be hard pressed to get a commission on every product sold, they will most probably want to pay for the artwork fully up front.

Hope that helps,


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£150 per design is fair, obviously if its for a bigger company, bigger runs etc...you know what to do.

Unless you know the client incredibly well, don't agree to a job+sales, as you will have no way of monitoring it!